Staff Augmentation

BGT Staffing is a full-service provider of staffing and human resource solutions. Our specialty is eliminating talent sourcing and acquisition challenges so that you can focus on making your business successful.

Only after thoroughly researching your company’s human resources or staffing challenges will our experts recommend the best solutions to meet your needs. Our flexible approach, refined from more than four decades of experience with thousands of Northern Californian clients, allows us to consultative solve your staffing and human resources issues and build long-lasting, sustainable solutions.

BGT offers a broad range of services and solutions to meet all your staffing and human resources needs, including:

  • Contract Staffing
  • Contract to hire
  • Permanent Staffing

Contract Staffing

For a contract employment agency to provide its clients the best service possible, it must understand the clients’ needs.

Our approach provides your business with dedicated staffing consultants. The result is increased responsiveness, as well as accountability, because the consultant who creates your staffing solution is also responsible for implementing it. Highly trained and qualified, our agents are experts in screening talent and assessing proficiency. We also conduct focused behavioral interviews and comprehensive skill assessments to ensure you get the exact staffing solution you need.

When BGT evaluates a company’s need for contract staffing, we explore the potential for a healthy, productive relationship based on your corporate values.


Contract to Hire

Temp-to-hire gives the client a great hiring advantage – the ability to evaluate a potential candidate on the job before making a commitment. This kind of hands-on assessment leads to more informed hiring decisions.

Hiring the wrong person can wreak havoc on an organization – so it’s always safer to “try before you buy.” Moreover, sometimes you have a technical contingent worker who fits perfectly into your organization. Should you and the contingent worker placed by BGT decide you’d like to change the nature of the relationship to full time employment, BGT is happy to accommodate.

Contract-to-hire staffing helps your business by acting as a bridge to full-time employment through our contract-to-hire program; you have the opportunity to evaluate a selected candidate in your business environment before making a hiring decision.

Advantage of Contract to Hire:

  • you won’t have to waste time finding the right candidate
  • acts as a bridge to full time employment
  • opportunity to review abilities before hiring full time
  • no employer risks
  • gives you confidence in your hiring decision

Contract-to-hire enables our clients to fill a full-time position after an on-the-job performance evaluation. It is an intermediate staffing solution where a candidate is employed on a temporary basis with an intention to be absorbed on a permanent role after evaluating his/ her skills and capabilities for a specific period. As an employer, you get tremendous flexibility in terms of monitoring work performance of a consultant prior to making a formal offer of employment.

BGT Contract-to-Hire solutions provide our customers the option of hiring the candidate after an initial 3-6 months on contract. During the initial engagement, our clients have the opportunity to review the candidate’s core skill level as well as ‘on-the-job’ interpersonal and presentation skills prior to making a hiring commitment.

Contract-to-Hire Solutions are offered on an hourly bill rate for the contract period which is valid till the date the consultant gets into a regular employment with the company. It may also be driven by minimum number of hours that the consultant must work as a BGT Consultant prior to conversion. Finally, BGT receives a conversion fee once the consultant is actually converted to regular employee status with the company.

At BGT, the process for candidate interviews, screening and recruitment is similar to that for a temporary employee; however the candidate will have a long-term goal, interest and involvement in the company. BGT is an employee centric company and makes investment in developing core as well as soft skills of a candidate to have a smooth sailing for a consultant from being a contract resource to a hired resource. This will involves:

  • Regular trainings during pre-contract period
  • Focused on-demand technical trainings
  • Constant upgrading soft skills
  • Regular performance reviews
  • Orientation programs on future technology trends
  • Contract-to –hire staffing is gaining huge popularity due to the fact that it offers a Win-Win situation for “The Company” as well as “The Candidate”.

The model brings following advantages to the company:

  • Mitigate risk
  • Maintain low attrition
  • Reduce HR and operational costs
  • Increased return on investment
  • Reduced administrative responsibilities
  • Flexibility to hire staff in core business areas
  • Opportunity to train the employee to specific skills
  • Opportunity to hire only high performing talent in the organization

The model brings following advantages for candidate:

  • Opportunity for on-the-job training
  • Opportunity for potential permanent job
  • Opportunity to understand potential role in the company
  • Opportunity to prove their expertise and demonstrate skills
  • Opportunity to work in different environments and industries

Permanent Staffing

BGT Permanent Hire Solutions are a perfect solution for companies who need to hire technical resources but are short of time and recruiting resources. Hiring BGT also brings better penetration in your dream workforce as we can access performers for conversions in your favor. Permanent Hiring solutions offer savings on your staff’s time, advertising budgets and competitive edge with access to a larger and qualified pool of candidates.

Permanent Hire Solutions give companies the ability to immediately hire BGT Consultants as internal employees. With Permanent Hire Solutions, BGT and the company agree on the terms of the Permanent Hire placement which typically include the fee percentage and a guarantee provision should the consultant not work out. Our professional recruiters deploy several practices to ensure that you get a right candidate for filling your permanent vacancies. These include:

  • Assigning a dedicated Recruitment Manager and/or executive to our clients for managing their permanent requirements
  • Seek out exception professionals through our extensive network. These resources are usually not traceable except through some contact or referral.
  • High degree of screening process
  • Special interview methods
  • Multi-layered reference techniques

This model helps to control cost and maintain trade confidentiality. Our extended sourcing reach in India, US, Atlanta and highly effective processes for screening, testing and recruiting help you bring the best IT resources on board. We take upmost care to get you dedicated staff that can sustain and succeed even in challenging situations.

Direct hire with the BGT is a win-win solution, specializing in the recruitment and placement of professional. We have a broad range of clients that extend from startup technology firms to the Fortune 500®. We are committed to providing our clients and candidates with seasoned professionals who will dedicate themselves to providing the upmost in personal attention, professionalism and integrity.

Our Search Process:

Our consultants will work closely with you during the search process to ensure a clear understanding of the position, the impact on your organization, and your expectations.


  • Initial Meeting – BGT will meet with your key representative(s) to discuss company description, candidate qualifications, compensation, critical success factors, and career potential. We will also finalize the search agreement.
  • Candidate Identification and Pre-screening – We will perform a comprehensive search to identify multiple candidates that meet your specifications.
  • Candidate Presentation – Top candidates are interviewed and assessed. After thorough evaluation, background information is forwarded to you for review.
  • Reference Checking – Thorough reference checks are conducted. Negotiations and Acceptance – BGT will coordinate final selection of the candidate and offer employment.
  • Employee Retention Program – We interview the employees we place three and six months subsequent to their start date to ensure that the expectations of both you and the employee(s) are met.